Saturday, April 23, 2011

Water, water,water and guess what ....MORE water!!

Here in Southern Indiana we have had severe weather and rain since Wednesday night. Here in Utica the flooding starts from in the center then meets with the River..BAM. You've got soggy houses.
Today we ran some errands and at about 5p.m and we came home to about an inch of water thoughout our basement due to our malfunctioning sump pump! But thank God a couple of church guys where coming over to spend "guy time" with my Dad and helped wet-vac the water up. Luckily the water was just rain water so it wasn't nasty gunky water of the Ohio River.

And since its been raining buckets for a couple days our garden has been quite soggy. As I was trying to retrieve some buckets to help with the basement, THIS is what happended:
I was so stuck my sister Sierra had to literally pull yank me from the mud's suction. It was quite a funny site. The mud was up to my ankles and I couldn't lift them out. =)

I think Ping is the only one that is truly thrilled with this weather.( Although Mom and myself are true weather lovers..)

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